Wednesday, March 16, 2011

About Yarn Already!

3 posts from a blogger named "The Yarn Poet" and nadda about yarn....what up?!

As you know "spinning (a) yarn" is not always about fiber, but enough telling tales of canines, fauna, family, and flasks.  Today is about "When Hairy met Sally".

Kid Silk Haze, this is Sally.
Sally, this is Kid Silk Haze.

"Come here often?" 

In fact, I do.

I can't get enough.  I've been headoverheels, can'tfightthisfeelinganymore in love with this yarn since the day we touched.

"Whisp of a sweater"
My (a'hem) first....

Which led to:  


and so on...
But what really put me over the moon was this:

"Boho Chic"

THIS is where Kid Silk Haze meets Crochet (don't tell knitting), and wow! did sparks fly.

Get a room.


  1. love the flow...of the yarn color and soft texture....but especially the flow of your creativity and spark!

  2. Oh me too, I'm goony over KSH. Love what you have done!