Sunday, December 4, 2011


This year I am thankful that I have seen all my sibs in 2011.

I love how we continue to familate (i just made that up, but it works) as adults... no easy feat given the many years and miles we span.  Yay, us!  5 of the big 6 were together at Thanksgiving, and I took the week off for visiting and cooking.

The day before the big event, BigBrother S was witness to and participant in the annual pie production.  Those design classes at Rolla really paid off, as this is where engineering meets art:

Bourbon Pecan 

Speaking of engineering, I could've used some structural support to hold together the gluten-free pastry for the next pie.  After much trouble (and some profanity) I carefully transferred the rolled and cut pieces outside to chill before weaving.  When I went to retrieve it later, I found this:

Apparently Ollie is now gluten-free

(Note to self:  get taller cooling rack) Back to the drawing board...

Strawberry Rhubarb take two

Turkey Central was not only host to Thanksgiving dinner; it was also the happy recipient of the Sib Service Brigade who performed surgery on my deck and gutters.  Here is the doctor and his first assist before the big procedure:

Later that day...

Shoulder surgery, Shmoulder surgery!

Barkeep and patron

And then we were ready for dinner:

It really does take a village...the boys washed all the china, silver, and crystal by hand at the end of the night.

our grandmother's wedding china, some 90+ years old

Oops...forgot the wishbone

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!