Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ride the Pony

Really, what's better than a girl's weekend dipped in gorgeous weather while surrounded by all things equine? Ain't nothin better, that's what!

Last weekend was Rolex with my horse peeps.  We shopped, ate, and trekked over cross country all weekend long.

Friday is trade fair day where you can rub elbows with celebrities,

Pet every great dane you see,

And ogle all the items for sale and display.

Trade Show Tradition dictates a requisite visit to the Dubarry tent where champagne and British accents come out at 10am.

Warning: said beverage and atmosphere can lead to dropping major payola on boots.

(specifically, these boots)

Saturday is cross country day where we saw every jump while listening to Nigel call out the rides...

Yay, Rolex!


  1. i HOPE you bought those stripey boots!!!

  2. I wanted to!! Unfortunately, the Dubarry tent got me the last time I came to Rolex and I was determined to increase my 'boot purchase : Rolex attendance' ratio.

  3. Hi there! I just received a Kreativ Blogger award, and I wanted to pass it on to you! Hope it's OK to leave the link here:

  4. found you through our mutual friend Kathy H. Loving your posts. I have some reading to do. Peace out.