Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Slice of Americana

Thank you to all who work in service of our country (past and present) so I can enjoy the freedoms that I do.  My gratitude is heartfelt.

This Memorial Day weekend was the best in recent memory. (likely better, I just can't say for sure...)


I nearly had a stroke when I walked through the doors of my LYS and learned they had 50% off EVERY YARN in the store.

I was stuttering by the time I left...

Saturday took me to my friend's farm where I traded pavement and street lights for green grass and lightning bugs...

'Farmhouse' doesn't quite capture the home on their property.  This is more 'party house' meets ''rustic artist' with a left turn at whimsy.

My friend's husband has used wood from the property to rebuild the railing in the center hall..

...and who needs a living room when you can have a second bar?!

Wood harvested from a barn on the property

When the band's not playing, the instruments lie in waiting...

Again, wood from the barn as material for the table and instruments
while everyone's out back roasting marshmallows on the fire!


  1. Looks more like what I know of Vermont than what I knew of Missouri (at least anywhere close to St Louis).

    Very nice. You have some talented friends who have talented friends.

    (Only a computer guy could have a reference that circular)


  2. Oh I love that first picture! Wish I was right in that spot!